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What We Do

The Successful Study Skills™ is an educational coaching company that provides students with the tools and strategies they need to reach their full potential. Through our individualized learning plans, we help students build the confidence and skills they need to excel in their academics. We believe in creating a personalized experience for each student to ensure they receive the best quality educational coaching.

My Story

I founded this company because, in my experience as an adult education and public schools teacher, and former college and career specialist, I have witnessed how students waste their opportunities day after day. The reason in my experience is because they do not know how to adequately study and learn. Through this means, my goal is to help students learn how to learn and become the best they can be. I believe the strategies they will learn through any of the services we provide, students will gain knowledge and experience to be successful learners for the rest of their lives.

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Our Contact Information

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Susie Statham, M.Ed., CWDP

Founder & Owner

Springfield, Virginia, USA

P.  571-214-0989

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday  4:00 to 8:00 PM

                               Saturdays  12:00 to 3:30 PM

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